Well HI!  I’m Jenna.  Oh Photography… trying to pinpoint the day that word became part of my life is tricky.  I could say it was on my 8th birthday when my grandma gave me a hot pink 110mm keychain camera that I carried EVERYWHERE… or the countless scenery photos I snapped on family vacations as a little girl… or turning in my final yearbook project as a high school senior… or walking through campus to the darkroom every chance I could in college… or capturing my firstborn son’s dimply little hands.  I guess, photography has lived passionately in my life as far back as I can remember.  I finally allowed my passion to become a career in 2007 after our first son, Jonah was born and I decided to quit teaching 3rd grade.  Two and a half years later, by the time our 2nd son, Jace was born, my little hobby-business had taken off!  I now see that God placed this passion for photography in my heart with purpose.  My love of people & children combined with my passion for this art, my newfound love of the digital darkroom, and my innate desire to be organized has all worked together to create what I consider to be the… most… perfect… job… EVER!  I love every aspect of it and am over-the-moon thankful for my clients/friends for inviting me into their lives!